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Tuesday May 8, 2018 - 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Kids Kenpo Karate and Self Defense

Kids Kenpo Karate & Self Defense

Kenpo Self-Defense Classes begin with a gentle vinyasa yoga asana warm up, then instruction of karate fundamentals (traditional stances, blocks, and strikes), combined with kungfu tactics (groin strikes and flowing motions), and jiujitsu elements (arm-locks and pinning techniques) within a variety of unique self-defense scenarios. Knowledge of Kenpo Escape Techniques are strongly emphasized as the measure of progress, and while balance and flexibility training are consistently incorporated, there is no requirement for a practitioner to have advanced physical abilities.

This mixed martial art known widely as American Kenpo was created and cultivated by numerous American immigrants that preserved the practical essence of their culture heritage in martial arts while also adapting to modern needs. These immigrants often faced physical violence and were in need of a practical art that focused primarily on self defense for the vulnerable over acrobatic prowess. Only around a century of practitioners makes it relatively recent in martial arts history, but because the original practitioners of this new martial art regularly faced physical conflict they were often injured and at a disadvantage when defending themselves. Many times they would defend themselves from multiple attackers while still recovering from injury, which led to the necessity and innovation of an art that wasn't particularly flashy to watch in demonstration, but was keenly effective in the pursuit of self-defense.

Kenpo Self-Defense is an empowering martial art that encourages every student to progress at their own individual pace. This art focuses primarily on application for each person's unique set of abilities and is not in any way competition oriented. All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate, and this art has been especially effective for those of more vulnerable body types such as children, elderly, sedentary, and chronically injured peoples. Many students have been able to practice Kenpo alongside physical therapy as the physical activity required is not particularly jarring or strenuous but emphasizes restorative poses and circulation.

$8.00 per class if prepaid
$10.00 per class to drop in


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