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African Rhythm Workshops

African Rhythm & Dance
Come be part of a rhythmic community and connect with each other through traditional dance. The African Rhythm and Movement Class will teach movements (basic to advance), exploring dance traditions across Africa. Learn how to move to African music and percussion. Discover how to move different parts of your body in isolation to the rhythms of live drumming, as well as recorded folk songs and modern popular music. Focus on the fundamental parts of the body in movement using the shoulders, arms, chest, pelvis and legs. This class will offer you the fitness you need with the spirit, connection, and enjoyment you have been looking for.

Whether you are a serious dancer interested in picking up new dance movements or just want to have fun, this class will enrich your body and spirit. No dancing experience is required and there is no age limit. Just bring lots of heart and be ready to work your body to the joyful rhythms of Africa.

Workshops coming soon! Please see the calendar page for current schedule.

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