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Parent / Child Yoga

Parent / Child Yoga

Tuesday November 24, 2020 - 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Parent / Child Yoga

Kids yoga (for ages 3 years - 12 years) by Playful Poppies Learning Co. focuses on supporting our “big kids” as they practice age-appropriate yoga poses, basic breathing exercises, and social skills through creative movement. Partner poses and games are incorporated throughout the class to promote caregiver/child bonding in a playful way! Because our yogis are becoming more active and agile, many of the yoga postures in these classes look very similar to adult yoga poses—so caregivers can enjoy some self-care as well. Poses are appropriate for all levels of experience and can be modified for pregnant or postpartum mamas too. Beginners welcome, no prior yoga experience required!
This group is structured for children ages 3 and up! (We suggest ages 3-12.) Some segments of this class will require more active participation and cooperation. For this reason, we suggest that children joining this class be able to follow simple two-step directions (such as “pick up the ball and pass it to me”). Classes are offered as a single date pop-up class or multi-week class series with set start and end dates.
Dress comfy, bring your yoga mats, and prepare for a fun 30 to 40-minute session that will help you bond and play with your little one in a unique way!
Instructor: Serena Colson
More information can be found on the Playful Poppies Learning Co. website. for Online Schedule and Registration at (530) 417-6841
$18.00 per class

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