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The traditional Yang style Tai-Chi includes 108 forms divided into 3 patterns, and pushing hand practice. The 108 forms are created and combined by 78 different forms. We also use basic forms for foundation training.

What is the benefit of Tai-Chi Chuan practice? Tai Chi Chuan's health benefits derive largely from this principle of turning the waist. This enables the practitioner to maintain internal strength and fullness by stimulating and massaging the vital organs with every movement. Tai-Chi Chuan is also a high technique of martial arts. It takes a long time to learn but can be used for an effective self-defense technique. Tai-Chi Chuan trains the mind, spirit and body together. This practice is designed for Men and Women over 12 years old.

Tai-Chi Instructor: Peter Jeng

Why do I teach? I was born in Taiwan and started practicing Yang style Tai-Chi Chuan in college. I have loved this exercise since then and it is part of my life now. I have been in the USA for 20 years and now settled in Olympia, WA. I love to teach Tai-Chi Chuan and pass it on to others.

Background: I have practiced Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan for more than 20 years. The Yang style Tai-Chi started from founder Lu Chan Yang. I am one of the seventh generation successors from the founder. I feel obligated to pass this skill and spirit to benefit others around me.

Price: $10 per class if pre-paid - $80 Total
$8 per class for students & Military w/ID, if prepaid - $64 total; $12 per class to Drop-in.

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